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Promote Conflict-Sensitive Journalism

Promote Conflict-Sensitive Journalism

Encourage media practices that prioritize accuracy and sensitivity in conflict zones to prevent escalation.


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On a personal journey to curate the best practices that have historically fostered peace, mitigated conflict, and ended wars. Part V is dedicated to Abdul-Ghaffar Khan

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Embrace conflict

Don’t avoid conflict or pretend nothing has happened as it usually will only get worse.

  • If you notice a conflict between employees, encourage them to work it out.
  • If a conflict develops between two teams, improve interdepartmental communication.
  • If you ...

Show conflict

Conflict is the force that drives a story. No conflict, no story. Conflict sparks interest.

Conflict happens whenever someone wants or needs something and must fight for it. This ‘something’ can be a lot of things: an object, love, survival, etc. 

If we take this to b...

Increased Conflict

When you feel like the give and take in a relationship is out of balance, this can create conflict. Conflict often leads to stress, which can not only hurt your relationship further, but can also harm your physical health.

Every relationship experiences some level of conflict or disagreeme...

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