What is happiness? (1) - Deepstash
What is happiness? (1)

What is happiness? (1)

Listen, I’m not a philosopher. I don’t have any answer to the great questions of humanity.

If I did, I would be a billionaire living my best life on a private boat in the middle of the ocean. (Yes, that’s my billionaire imagery.) But I’m here. I’m writing for you, hoping to improve someone’s life. So I will tell you what happiness is for me. And I hope you can resonate or find your meaning.

For me, being happy is all about the mindset. If you’re happy, you don’t have any worries but your mindset.

You want to do things. You are full of energy. And there’s nothing that can stop you.


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Passionate about self-improvement, personal growth, finance, and creativity. I love to inspire people to become the better version of themselves. Author @ www.cosmopolitanmindset.com

Are you happy? Here are 5 underrated mindset hacks that greatly improved my happiness and can help you too!

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The Pursuit of Happiness makes you unhappy

The Pursuit of Happiness makes you unhappy

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