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The Question of Legitimacy

The Question of Legitimacy

Light’s quest for legitimacy as the arbiter of justice and morality echoes Machiavelli’s discussions on the importance of appearing legitimate and just in the eyes of the populace, even when engaging in morally questionable acts.


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"Death Note," a popular anime and manga series, presents a wealth of themes that echo Machiavellian concepts, particularly those related to power, morality, and the nature of leadership.

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The virtue of Justice

The virtue of Justice

Justice is regarded by many to be the most important virtue and it relates to fairness and righteousness.

Justice is important so that everyone in society has their fair share. It is the fundamental morality we hold as humans.

Contradicting the belief in the morally true self

  • If we believe in a morally good true self, it does not explain political strife, hate crimes and online nastiness. A possible explanation can be that our definition of "morally good" is based on our own values, which can vary.
  • Thinking that others have a moral good true self doesn'...

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The centuries-old question about human beings having free will or not is still unanswered but is fundamental for our moral codes, justice systems, religion and even the very meaning of life.

The argument about having predetermined choices amounting to not having free will does not hold upo...

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