Take Inventory: Self Portrait Questions, Pt. 2 - Deepstash
Take Inventory: Self Portrait Questions, Pt. 2

Take Inventory: Self Portrait Questions, Pt. 2

  1. Do you believe that your self-image reflects the inner attitude you have towards yourself?
  2. If you reflect on your self-image for a long time, do you come to the conclusion that you actually see yourself quite positively or negatively?
  3. If you see yourself as OK, be happy! But if you have a non-OK image of yourself, learn to present yourself more positively.

Learn to claim the whole page for yourself! Learn to draw yourself in such a way that your self-image looks the world in the eye! Learn to draw yourself in such a way that your self-image makes a positive impression on the observer!


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A practical guide to help us improve our communication skills. It offers useful strategies and techniques to communicate more effectively and interact successfully with others.

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2. They take feedback

2. They take feedback

Genuinely self-aware people have the humility to understand that they can't always see themselves objectively. They also know that the best way to gain more objectivity about yourself is through the perspective of others.

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