Day 17 - Deepstash

Day 17

  1. Did everyone arrive? - Andaru vachara.
  2. What happened? - Em aayindi?
  3. Son - Kumarudu
  4. Can you reduce ac - Annayya, Koncha, ac taggisthara
  5. Bro, open the car dickey- Anna koncham car dickey/ vennakaale open cheyyandi


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In this post you will learn some phrase in Telugu.

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Day 17:

  • Use the wisdom, knowledge, and legwork of other people to further your own cause.
  • Not only will such assistance save you valuable time and energy, it will give you a godlike aura of efficiency and speed. In the end your helpers will be forgotten and you will be remembered.
  • Ne...

Be clear about what went wrong

Be clear about what went wrong

Start with a few simple declarative sentences. “I did X. As a result, Y happened.”

You can provide more context afterward, but it’s critical to lay out clearly what happened. Also, leave explanations for when the problem is fixed.

How to get beyond small talk

Ask open-ended questions that invite people to tell stories, rather than one-word answers.

Instead of "How was your day?" try, "What did you do today?" Other open-ended questions to try:

  • "What's your story?"
  • "What's the ...

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