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Free Education for All Children

- They call for free education for all children to ensure equal opportunities and the development of individual potential.

Combination of Education with Industrial Production

- Marx and Engels propose the integration of education with industrial production to prepare individuals for meaningful and productive participation in society.

Transformation of the Family

- They discuss the transformation of the family structure to eliminate patriarchal relations and ensure the equal status of women.


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Full summary of The Communist Manifesto

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Towards the end of the 19th century, the custom of entrusting the care of offspring to strangers fell away. Parents were urged to provide their offspring with love and a sense of security.

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Most of our public schools still run on an industrial model - like a factory, where children are put into boxes according to age and ability.

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Taking together all the various theories and findings on happiness, we know that there are at least a few factors that are very important for overall happiness:

  • Individual income;
  • Labor market status;
  • Physical health;
  • Family;
  • Social relationships;

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