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Healthy Mind Is Healthy Life

Healthy Mind Is Healthy Life

According to Sean Whalen, everything starts in the mind. Whether it be love, work or even your physical health.

You will need to work hard to feed your brain with positivity. Whether it be in form of hanging out with your loved ones, reading positive books, listening to mindful podcasts, doing meditation or anything that adds positivity to your life.


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Full time reader (and part-time Growth Consultant) trying to make the sense of the world by learning from the experiences of intellectuals around me and before me.

Have you ever wanted to tell yourself, “That’s enough of it. I want to take the steering wheel of my life and prove to everybody that I can move forward, break all barriers and succeed in life?” If yes then this book is specially tailored for you. Read on to learn how to stop making excuses and win.

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#7 Sharpen the Saw

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Avoid sitting in front of screens all day: Long periods of screen gazing, whether it’s a TV, PC or a smartphone, can disrupt your sleep and deteriorate your overall wellbeing. This is due to the blue light that most devices emit.

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