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The biggest obstacle for business owners and entrepreneurs is themselves. Pride and Ego helped build the business, but they are also why the business will crumble. Good leaders know what they don’t know.



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Full time reader (and part-time Growth Consultant) trying to make the sense of the world by learning from the experiences of intellectuals around me and before me.

Have you ever wanted to tell yourself, “That’s enough of it. I want to take the steering wheel of my life and prove to everybody that I can move forward, break all barriers and succeed in life?” If yes then this book is specially tailored for you. Read on to learn how to stop making excuses and win.

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1. Leaders Build Your Confidence. Bosses Build Your Fear.

1. Leaders Build Your Confidence. Bosses Build Your Fear.

Bosses keep you wondering or in fear just enough so that you tell them what they want to hear. At the least, bosses condition you not to say what they do not want to hear. This is why bosses don’t need a conflict management strategy – they just expect for everyone to agree with them.


What level of success is possible for you?

What level of success is possible for you?

A good coach will help keep your life and career aligned with what you want to achieve; they’ll be an unbiased sounding board for ideas and give clear feedback about where there might be some blocks or limiting beliefs holding back your progress. They’re also someone who’s going to encourage you ...

2. Execute your ideas to perfection

Here’s what struggling entrepreneurs do: They have a great business idea, then they don’t pursue it.

Or they execute an idea but it doesn’t work out. Why? The business idea wasn’t validated with actual customers. And without validation, you risk wasting your time.

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