Taking workouts online

  • Fitness studios realize the potential of live streaming videos of classes and videos.
  • Standalone services, such as Flex Tv, provide online access to live high-intensity interval training workouts and yoga classes.

The revenue comes from advertising share and sponsorship for those with a large enough social media following.

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Fitness vloggers

There are more than 30 million fitness videos on YouTube alone and many more on other social media platforms.

Upcoming fitness instructors can publish and gain a following without a star status, a fancy studio or expensive equipment, by recording and editing their workouts.

The goal of the traditional workout video was weight loss and fitness. More recently, there has been a switch in fitness videos.

It is now more focused on an intimate and interactive experience with your favorite fitness vlogger.

Fitness vloggers are able to attract a mass audience and use their influence to introduce products to their viewers. They are picky about the products they introduce and want only to promote something they would use themselves.

A study by a marketing platform found that 92% of people preferred hearing about brands from influencers, rather than through paid adverts.

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A Positive Experience

Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) home workouts have become a rage among families in lockdown, amassing 23 million viewers a week. The whole experience feels unifying and motivating, in an age of physical distancing. He is and part of a cultural legacy of fitness/entertainment, which stretches back many decades.

TV (and now YouTube) exercise is appealing due to its universality and inclusiveness: all generations and levels of fitness are embraced, without making anyone feel excluded.



YouTube Vs TV

TV in the traditional sense isn’t what it used to be. The mediums watch-worthy content is less viewed on TV screens and more on the internet, especially on YouTube. 

Popular YouTubers are getting into mainstream TV shows not because they want to publicize themselves, but because the TV shows want more viewers from YouTube.

Taking Instructions From Coaches
  • Engaging with instructional videos, whether it is a fitness workout or a cooking class, is leaving many people overwhelmed, annoyed and even angry.
  • Many experience a sense of intrusion, and cannot follow the deluge of rules and orders thrust upon them.
  • There is also a lack of control and options while engaging with any such content, and things that people used to enjoy earlier now start to feel unwelcome.

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