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Self-Acceptance And Compassion

Self-Acceptance And Compassion

Being compassionate with yourself won’t make you lazy but instead can help you keep going (Neff et al., 2005). Accept your mistakes and flaws and know that you are still worthy.

When feeling any negative emotion, let it be shame, sadness, guilt etc., it is always a good idea to feel into the emotion and accept it. Be compassionate with what you are feeling.

You can also write a compassionate letter to yourself while imaging you are talking to a loved one that is in the same situation as you are.


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Psychology student with a passion for learning and developing as a person.

Dr. Julie Smith offers tools and knowledge from therapy to deal with emotions and life circumstances effectively, covering a huge variety of topics such as stress, confidence, low mood, anxiety, motivation, relationships etc.

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1.Practice Self-Compassion

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Do you find yourself saying to loved ones 'If you love me, can't you change for me?' That is not love. Loves true face is acceptance and freedom, not restriction and control.

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