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Mindfulness Of People.

Be mindful that not everyone is the same and everyone has had their different experiences and journeys. When thinking about something someone has said just think about why they might have that opinion instead of trying to think they are ignorant or stupid just think to yourself “why might this person think this way, “what might have happened to this person for them to think this way”?


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This book takes a different approach on how humans evolve around the world around us and how we adapt to it with a philosophical standpoint.

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The fear of getting out of your comfort zone

The fear of getting out of your comfort zone

We are all afraid of new experiences, especially of the ones that require us to leave the safety of our comfort zone.

The way we react whenever this occurs has a big influence on how we live our life: instead of being scared, why not trying to embrace the new challenges with optimism ...

When you desire to forgive

If you decide you are willing to forgive, find a good place and time to be alone with your thoughts.

  • Think about the incident that angered you. Accept that it happened, how you felt about it and how it made you react.
  • Acknowledge the growth you experienced as a result...

"Babies are the wealthiest people on earth." - Jonathan Wilson

Your time is limited. Knowing that, you shouldn't care about what others think. - somewhat of what Steve Jobs said

Lao Tzu once said, 'care about what others think and you'll always be there prisoners'

cherish the moment, the past has already happened

'i dont have time to think ...

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