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The root cause of procrastination: Stress

The root cause of procrastination: Stress

Apart from work, we tend to have a lot of things going in our lives, like fights with our significant others, ill family members, financial concerns and so on. Whatever problems we have, we carry them with us all the time, no matter where we are or what we do. Now, imagine going to work with this big stress ball subconsciously hanging over your head, knowing you have many tasks ahead of you, easy ones as well as those that make you uncomfortable like phone calls with some higher ups. For a while you keep yourself busy with easy work, but sooner or later you need to make those calls.


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Renaissance learner, interested in subjects like psychology, arts & design, productivity, creativity, health, fitness, finances and meditation.

This short video delves into the idea that procrastination is more of a behavior pattern than a inherent aspect of a person's character, indicating that it can be addressed using a method rooted in scientific understanding.

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