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Base Important Decisions on Long-Term Policies:

Strategic decisions at Toyota are guided by long-term thinking. The company prioritizes long-term sustainability over short-term gains, ensuring decisions align with enduring principles and objectives.


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Curious what catapulted Toyota to global leadership? With core principles that drive unparalleled success, discover the secrets behind the company's dominance in the automotive industry!

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Long-Term Consequences

Thinking about the future can guide us to make choices that reflect our beliefs and objectives.

Benefits of Considering the Future:

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They Think Long Term and Promote This Thinking

They Think Long Term and Promote This Thinking

They prioritize long-term gains over short-term wins even if that is unpopular and causes immediate pain. They do that because they realize that it takes time to achieve key results.

The pursuit of short-term gains can harm your long-term strategy. Winning, in the long run, requires letting...

Long-term thinking

Long-term thinking

Long-term thinking is more challenging than most people imagine. It is then also more lucrative than many people think.

The long run consists of a collection of short runs that you have to put up with: recessions, bear markets, meltdowns and surprises. Ins...

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