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Be Mindful When Adopting Technology:

Toyota adopts technology thoughtfully, ensuring it enhances processes without undermining human skills and judgment. Technology is seen as a tool to support and augment human capabilities, not replace them.


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Curious what catapulted Toyota to global leadership? With core principles that drive unparalleled success, discover the secrets behind the company's dominance in the automotive industry!

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Accidental Benefits Of Technology

Technology is neutral by itself, and how we use that tool matters. 

  • An email is a great tool, which completely transformed how an office works, though it wasn’t designed for offices.
  • Similarly, the Facebook Like button was designed as a shortcut to wr...

The power of strategic vulnerability

This is where a leader’s ability to say, “I’m disappointed” can be so powerful. 

  • It evokes an emotional response in employees, capturing their attention, and mobilizing them to take action. 
  • But it does not convey anger or generate distress, ma...

Technology As Leverage

Technology As Leverage

Technology is technique, the way we do things. New technology has its value multiplied by all those who use it. Solving a technical problem that affects many gives you leverage.

Technology changes fast, and small companies are better suited to this pace as they have less burea...

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