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7. Minimalism and Simplicity

7. Minimalism and Simplicity

Embracing minimalism and simplicity leads to a clutter-free mind and environment. Shetty suggests decluttering your physical space as a way to also clear mental clutter. Simplifying your life allows you to focus on what truly matters.


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Learnings from "Think Like a Monk": Cultivating a Mindful and Purposeful Life "Think Like a Monk" by Jay Shetty offers profound insights into how ancient wisdom can be applied to modern life. Drawing from his experiences as a monk and his journey thereafter, Shetty provides actionable advice on how to live a more meaningful, fulfilling, and mindful life. Here are some key learnings from "Think Like a Monk":

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Minimalism Defined II

Minimalism Defined II

Representative of a lifestyle that aims to remove clutter from all facets of life. 

A lifestyle practice focused on minimizing distractions that keep you from doing what matters to you.

Minimalism is all about owning only what adds value and meaning to your l...

Reducing Mental Clutter At Home

Reducing Mental Clutter At Home

Physical clutter affects your brain, too. If your home is a mess, clearing your space can be the first step to clearing your mind. We can take a step further, though, and clean out mental clutter just like we clear our physical clutter.

To have a happy home life, a thorough mind d...

Clear some space

Clear some space

This could be your mental, emotional or physical space or all three. 

Clearing space provides peace and calmness. It also clears away the “clutter” that has been inhibiting and holding back your life.
In their place, what gives you joy, growth and value will have the space to ent...

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