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The tool we have that seperates us humans from animals is our intuition. It is the subconscious, this is also known as second-nature. In the topic of observation, it is asking details and using what you gathered to interact with the info at hand.


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A great reader and writer. Here is the full series:

Observation is the art of gathering information about what you see. Mastering this powerful skill makes you a holder of secrets, the one who holds the cards, and anything else.

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The role of intuition in decision-making

When making decisions, using your intuition is not essentially good or bad; this depends on multiple factors, such as the circumstances at hand and the way you use your intuition.

While you should be willing to use your intuition where necessary, you should assess the situation first, ...

Check your intuition

Think of intuition as deep inner knowledge that is comprised of millions of data points that our brains have observed over the course of our lives. 

When used wisely, it can be a tremendous boost to our creativity and help us make important decisions.

The big questions of a scientific world

SF, the good SF at lest, is working on the same big questions we keep asking as human beings, but from a place of scientific understanding rather than assuming everything is God-made:

  • What is our purpose in an infinite universe that does not seem to care about us?
  • Are we alone ...

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