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Focus on What You Can Control

Focus on What You Can Control

  • Control your opinions, goals, desires, and actions. Our internal thoughts and actions fall within our control, and focusing on these areas leads to empowerment.
  • Recognize that physical attributes and external circumstances are beyond your control. Things like our physical features and birth circumstances are out of our hands.
  • Operating within your control sphere grants freedom and strength. Concentrating on what you can control can also give you independence and resilience.


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Understanding what we can and cannot control in life is essential for achieving peace, freedom, and happiness. This principle guides how we react to events and manage our desires and aversions.

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🧐 2. Focus on what you can control

Despite using affirmations and visualizations daily, my crippling self-doubt returned in tsunami waves whenever I faced a setback.

This was because I was deriving my self-worth from things I couldn’t control.

In general, you cannot control:

  • The past
  • Other people

What You Can Control

What You Can Control

You may not be able to change the external circumstances, stressful situations, or work environment. What you can do is control how you react to negative forces and stressful situations.

For example: If you get unhealthy food at your home, you can control how or when ...

Focus on What You Can Control

Worrying about the result is a distraction from what you really should be thinking about: how you can respond, and what happens next.

Your work leaves your hands at some point and what happens next is almost always out of your control. People either like your work of art or they don’t. 

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