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What is Time Management?

What is Time Management?

I could give many definitions of time management. But let’s try finding one that can include everything it does. I would say that:

Time management is the ability to prioritize and schedule tasks to make you more efficient, flexible, and stress-free and allow you to use all available time.

In this sentence, you can already see what time management does ( prioritize and schedule) and which are its main benefits (efficiency, flexibility, and less stress).

But is it that important? Couldn’t you do your tasks as you always did until today?


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Discover why mastering time management is crucial for success! Learn the fundamentals and unlock the secrets to efficient productivity and achievement.

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"I have strong time management skills"

Time management is more than just completing tasks on time. An employer cares about how you spend the time leading up to a deadline as well.

Demonstrate your strength in this area by sharing how you prioritize your daily tasks.
Using the 80/20 rule for project prioritization can show...

7. Lack of Regular Time Management Review

Review not only your daily and weekly performance but look into monthly and half-year reports to get a birds-eye view of your efforts.

Time management tips:

  • Avoid

What Time Management Is

What Time Management Is

Time is our precious resource. It is perishable, it is irreplaceable, and it cannot be saved. It can only be reallocated from activities of lower value to activities of higher value.

Time management refers to how you schedule and organize your time for different activities.

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