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Every marriage needs boundaries - limits that keep the bad things out, and the good things in.

In setting the boundaries in your marriage, there are three important areas to consider:

  • Your emotions - who you’re sharing them with and how often.
  • Your interactions - who you’re spending time with and why.
  • Your time - where it’s being spent and how much?


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Creative writer, reader, and lover of God.

Marriage would be so much easier If husbands and wives realized they're on the same side. No great marriage is healthy because of chemistry or because you married your high school lover. Great marriages occurs only when you deliberately choose to work on them.

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People who have trouble setting boundaries usually have trouble responding to boundaries set by others.

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Set boundaries in regards to your screen time

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Take responsibility for yourself

Develop the capacity to know what needs to be done for yourself.

By setting your own boundaries, you are setting your limits about who can come into your space and what you expect of others once they’re there.

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