The million-dollar opportunity challenge - Deepstash

The million-dollar opportunity challenge

  • Pick one business idea
  • Make sure it’s a million-dollar opportunity
  • Confirm your business idea is profitable


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Hi there, I love the idea of summarising ideas for people to digest new content at ease. That's what the world needs more!

Million Dollar Weekend - Noah Kagan

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They’re always looking to expand their options, and every financial decision is carefully calculated to maximize growth. 

The opportunity seeker has to watch out for taking on more risk with business initiatives or investment opportunities. Spending time with a profe...

Overestimating Opportunity Cost

Certain external constraints make us overestimate the opportunity cost, as we start to imagine all the foregone options as a missed opportunity and start to see the situation irrationally. This can cause a negative emotional and psychological reaction, like regret.

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The end game for the US dollar

The end game for the US dollar

After the Breton Woods agreement, all the world currencies were pegged to the dollar, which was in torn pegged on gold. But in 1974 the US dropped the gold backing and $ became free-floating. The US maintained their currency supremacy by making sure all the Middle East oil producers would only tr...

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