Building specific knowledge will feel like play to you... - Deepstash

Building specific knowledge will feel like play to you but will look like work to others.


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This is not a summary, nor anything of my own. This is a life-changing thread from Naval's twitter account. Follow him on X, @naval

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Some more reflective questions that are important to think about

1️⃣ The soil question: What does opportunity look and feel like to me?

2️⃣ The relationship question: What does a symbiotic relationship look and feel like to me?

3️⃣ The roots question: What does having a good root system look and fe...

Be the leader you wish you had

We might be the most junior person in the organization, but we still work with people. We can help them to go home fulfilled, that they feel heard and that someone has their back.

When you commit yourself to be the leader you wish you had, you can contribute to bui...

It boosts morale

Humour boosts morale and retention while reducing turnover because employees look forward to coming to work. Employees like to work for and with others who have a sense of humour. We all prefer to have fun at work. It should not feel like an enslaved servitude environment.

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