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And lastly, one way of making your product successful is of course make people talk about it. Do this by using the STEPPS formula.

People share liquid death because it nakes them look cool without consuming alcohol.

People buy an iPhone because it gives them a certain status.

People use Instagram because everybody pulls them into using it.

Make sure to give your product a touch that resonates with your audience and help them achieve a certain level of satisfaction. Do that and see the word of mouth exploding for your product.



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Full time reader (and part-time Growth Consultant) trying to make the sense of the world by learning from the experiences of intellectuals around me and before me.

"Contagious: How to Build Word of Mouth in the Digital Age" by Jonah Berger explores why things catch on and how to make products, ideas, and behaviors more likely to spread. Here are ten key ideas from the book:

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Product Leverage is Egalitarian

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Questions to keep in mind

  • Do you bring your customers more gain or less pain? Ask them.
  • What emotional values can you help your customer reach? Ask them what they feel when they first discovered it, when they started using it, and how they feel about it now.
  • How can your customers jus...

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