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2. The Spotlight Effect

2. The Spotlight Effect

The phenomenon in which we overestimate how much people are watching us.

It can cause anxiety, but do yourself a favor and remember that people are seldom interested in you as much as you think.

Examples of the Spotlight Effect:

  • Arriving late to the office
  • Your first day at a new gym
  • Spilling something on your shirt

Remember:  you are not the center of attention and people are not scrutinizing your every move. 👀


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This series explores 21 different cognitive mind traps, fallacies, biases and other phenomenon that exist within your brain. This series is inspired by Daniel Kahneman's "Thinking Fast and Slow."

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The Spotlight Effect

The Spotlight Effect

It refers to our tendency to overestimate how much other people notice about us: we tend to think there is a spotlight on us, highlighting all of our mistakes or flaws, for all the world to see.

The spotlight effect is the result of egocentrism: we see our entire existence ...

The Spotlight Effect

Your mistakes are not noticed as much as you think.

People aren’t paying attention at our moments of failure nearly as much as we think. The perception of our being under constant scrutiny is merely in our minds.

The humor effect defined

The humor effect defined

The humor effect is a psychological phenomenon that causes people to remember information better when that information is perceived as funny or humorous.

The use of humor enhances people’s memory, whether they are trying to remember verbal in...

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