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Transform Your Mind

Transform Your Mind

  • Let go of any ego-centric needs for approval and trust your intuition.
  • Discover that it's not other people's shit causing you problems, but your own.
  • We can learn to transform all the shit we think people have thrown at us, all the shit we have thrown at others and all the shit we have put into our own minds.
  • We all have the power to choose the high road by no longer putting negative thoughts into our minds, and to play an active role by transforming them.
  • It's only our own thoughts that hurt us.
  • To be successful in cleaning up our environment, we must first clean up our own minds.


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This book is dedicated to all those who at one time or another during their lives have felt that they were drowning in shit and thereby were reminded that they were human.

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We’re all going through a battle in our mind.

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