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Active Participation in Change

Encouraging active involvement in creating a more inclusive and understanding society, whether through personal actions or broader advocacy.


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INFP-T and Enneagram 4: I am an introspective, empathetic, creative, and individualistic person who values authenticity.

Gain clarity on Judith Butler’s theories on gender performativity through Abigail Thorn’s personal insights, anecdotes, and a fictional conversation with a past self to illustrate the fluidity and social construction of gender, highlighting the implications of these ideas on identity and society.

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Once servant leadership is internalized and lived to its tenets, the fruits of successful servant leadership will manifest in every aspect of society through most of the various attributes enumerated by scholars. Everyone will listen and be listened to; hence there will be little or no misund...

Draw out information in a visual form

A great strategy is making diagrams, or visual models or flowcharts. 

Anything that creates active learning generating understanding on your won - is very effective in retention. It basically means the learner needs to become more involved and more engaged and less passive.

Ask your questions in a different way

Whenever you are in need of some advice, pay attention to how you ask the question: using 'should' instead of 'would' will automatically lead to more honesty and involvement from the other person.

It is entirely up to you whether you want to appeal to psychology or ethics, so cho...

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