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Challenge Misunderstandings

Address and correct misconceptions about gender and identity, promoting a more informed and compassionate discourse.


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INFP-T and Enneagram 4: I am an introspective, empathetic, creative, and individualistic person who values authenticity.

Gain clarity on Judith Butler’s theories on gender performativity through Abigail Thorn’s personal insights, anecdotes, and a fictional conversation with a past self to illustrate the fluidity and social construction of gender, highlighting the implications of these ideas on identity and society.

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Supporting those who transition

Supporting those who transition

For those who know someone who is transgender and/or considering transitioning:

  1. Educate yourself about gender and gender transitioning.
  2. Respect transgender individuals by using their correct pronouns & chosen name.
  3. Don't invalid...

Gender Transitioning

Gender Transitioning

Gender Transitioning is a process transgender people undergo to align with their gender identity. It is part of the treatment for gender dysphoria and can help

Makeup: as a form of identity and creative expression

Many famous beauty bloggers and influencers, for example, use makeup as a way to express themselves creatively rather than associate with femininity.

Studies reveal that gender to be a type of performance taken on by a person in how they express their identity. When ma...

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