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9. The Healing Process

9. The Healing Process

  • Healing from past traumas and emotional wounds is a significant focus in this part of the book.
  • Jennae’s poems delve into the slow and often painful process of healing, emphasizing the importance of patience, self-compassion, and the support of loved ones.
  • This section aims to provide comfort and encouragement to those on their own healing journeys, showing that recovery is possible and that growth often comes from the most challenging experiences.


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Lawyer turned Artist Visionary Curator & Gallerist. Empowering self-love and joy through art & words. www.innerjoyart.com 💝 Instagram : dymphna.art

This is a collection of motivational and inspiring poetry. The book explores themes of anxiety, feeling lost, self-discovery, and self-love. The poetry weaves a narrative that invites readers to reflect on their own life experiences and find comfort in shared struggles and triumphs.

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