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The Power of Intrinsic Motivation

The Power of Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation, or Motivation 3.0, is driven by internal satisfaction and the joy of doing something meaningful. This type of motivation is powerful and sustainable.

Self-Driven Engagement: Individuals are motivated by autonomy, mastery, and purpose, leading to higher engagement and satisfaction.

Autonomy in Work: People perform better when they have control over their work, including when, what, and how they do it.


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Today, we understand that intrinsic motivation, driven by personal satisfaction and fulfillment, is the key to unlocking true potential. Let's delve into the principles of intrinsic motivation and how they can revolutionize performance and satisfaction in the workplace.

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Extrinsic And Intrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic And Intrinsic Motivation

  • Extrinsic motivation is when you do things primarily to receive a reward. You might take a new job because of the higher pay and better benefits package.
  • Intrinsic motivation — or deep internal motivation — is much richer. You are driven by what you ...

Elements of intrinsic motivation

The 3 elements required for intrinsic motivation:

  • Autonomy: it's about choice - when you believe you have a choice, you're more motivated.
  • Mastery: it's about wanting to get better at something that matters.
  • Purpose: it comes from believing you're w...

Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation

  • Extrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivators (a raise, a promotion, a bonus) do work they are usually doing so in the short-term only. If the motivator is taken away, the behavior stops.
  • Intrinsic motivation. It is the desire to do s...

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