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1. The Power of Tiny Changes

Key Idea: Small habits can lead to big results over time.

Example: If you want to read more, start by reading just one page a day. Gradually, you’ll find yourself reading more without it feeling like a huge task.


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Think about your daily routine. Maybe you want to be better at studying, get fitter, or spend more time on hobbies. Sometimes, making these changes can feel overwhelming, like you need to overhaul your entire life. But what if you only needed to make tiny changes to see big results over time? That’s the idea behind "Atomic Habits." Small habits, repeated consistently, can lead to significant transformations.

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Benefits of Habits

Benefits of Habits

A well-crafted set of habits ensures we reach our goals with incremental steps.

  • Habits can lead to overshooting our goals. A habit of reading a page a day can lead to reading more on some days, and so finish that book sooner.
  • After building a habit, it ...

The reading habit: Succeeding long-term

  • First consider why you want to read more books. Reading should be enjoyable for you because you find them entertaining, calming, stimulating, and fascinating. Once the habit is set, you can also read other things you "should" read.
  • Change your surroundings ...

Action Greases The Wheel Of Life

Action Greases The Wheel Of Life

Its all about momentum. Once you get the ball rolling, its easier to stay moving.

Choose action over inaction. Act beyond your automatic thoughts.

The car won't start without you putting your key in the ignitio...

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