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Need in Thinking

The need in thinking is what makes us think. It asks to be negated by thinking; it must disappear in thought if it is to be really satisfied; and in this negation, it survives.


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interested in psychology, philosophy, and literary📚 | INTP-T & nyctophile | welcome to Irza Fidah's place of safe haven~! hope you enjoy my curations and stashes^^.

Negative Dialectics (Theodor W. Adorno, 1973)

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Thinking about thinking

Thinking about thinking

Metacognition (thinking about thinking) is about being more inspective about how you know what you know. It's a matter of asking ourselves questions like: Do I really get this idea? Could I explain it to a friend? What are my goals? Do I need more background knowledge? Or do I need more ...

What is Thinking?

What is Thinking?

Thinking is the ultimate cognitive activity, consciously using our brain to make sense of the world around us and decide how to respond to it. Unconsciously our brain is still thinking and this is part of our cognitive process but is not what we normally call ‘thinking’.


Money Has Nothing To Do With Your Satisfaction

Money Has Nothing To Do With Your Satisfaction

If a person is satisfied then he doesn't need more money, he doesn't feel lacking behind, he doesn't blame himself, ultimately he is satisfied with himself.

What satisfaction asks from you??

It asks your betterment, On what you are working doesn't matter, how you are putting your effo...

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