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Discovering and Using Values

Discovering and Using Values

Understanding and articulating values is key to finding fulfillment. Coaches help clients identify their core values, guiding their choices and actions.

  • Help clients identify their core values to guide their choices and fulfillment.
  • Use values as a litmus test for important decisions.
  • Fulfillment is achieved by living in tune with one's values.


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Professional coaching can elevate your career, ignite new purpose, or provide fresh perspectives on challenges. The co-active coaching model enhances this process by fostering mutual growth for the coach and the client. This model emphasizes discovery and development over problem-solving, encouraging both parties to explore together.

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Personal Values (And Why They Matter)

Personal values are the things that are important to us, the characteristics and behaviours that motivate us and guide our decisions. For example honesty or kindness.

Values matter because you’re likely to feel better if you’re living according to your values and to feel worse...

Choosing Core Values

  1. Choose your top 6-8 values from a wide-ranging list of values.
  2. Think of three to six people you most admire or love. Consider why they are so important to you. 

  3. See a career counsellor as they are able to help match their clients to a compatibl...

Observe Yourself And Learn

Observe Yourself And Learn

As you live your life, be mindful of the choices you make. For several days, consciously label the values behind your key decisions at work and at home.

If the values you chose as most important aren’t reflected in your daily life, you may not be living up to them or you may need to re-eval...

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