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The New Rich

The New Rich

The New Rich are those who prioritize time and mobility over accumulating wealth. They focus on creating a life rich in experiences, flexibility, and freedom. This mindset shift emphasizes the importance of living well today, not just in the distant future.


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The Rich Don't work for Money.

The Rich Don't work for Money.

Rich people work to learn things and those things they learn can easily be applied to make money in the future, over and over again. It is better when you actually learn things in practice Being rich dor not Being rich has very little connection to material possession

Captain and The Ship

Conscious mind is the captain, who knows how to navigate the ship --- The subconscious mind.

But mostly we will be stuck in illusion - either thinking about the past or the future and reacting to those illusions, forgetting the present moment (Living in Maya). That is not reality. In that c...

The Findings Of Happiness Research

  • People in good romantic relationships are happier than loners.
  • Healthy people are happier than those who are sick.
  • Religious people are happier than atheists.
  • Rich people are happier than the poor.
  • A new house, a new car, or even a new spouse only provide...

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