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Let The Other Person Feel The Idea Is Theirs

Let The Other Person Feel The Idea Is Theirs

Allow others to take ownership of ideas and solutions. This increases their commitment and enthusiasm for the outcome.


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6. Make the other person feel important.

6. Make the other person feel important.

It means acknowledging people's accomplishments and making them feel valued. When you make someone feel important, they're more likely to like you and to be persuaded by you.

Tips for making the other person feel important:

  1. Compliment them on their accomplishments.
  2. Thank ...

Let Your Mind Wander

Daydreaming is a fantastic way for us to access our unconscious and allow ideas that have been silently incubating to bubble up into our conscious. 

Meaning that while you think you’re doing nothing, you’re actually mining the depths of your mind for more creative solutions to the proble...

Let Yourself Feel

Let Yourself Feel

When feeling overwhelmed self-soothing is the best option anyone can take, however, make sure that your coping mechanisms won't negatively affect you.

Allow yourself to sit with the uncomfortable feeling and process it, possibly through journaling, exercise, or a hobby that relaxes you. 

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