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By using The Wheel of Life, the 12-Month Celebration, and The Ideal Week Method, you can create a clear path toward making this year your best yet.

Remember, it's about

progress, balance, and joy.

Take the time to reflect, set meaningful goals, and organize your schedule.

You'll be amazed at how much you can achieve.

Thank you for reading, and see you in the next post!


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Believe in yourself :

Through the inner reflection and introspection the stoics ultimately inspire us to believe in ourselves. Once you find your path, trust that it is the right path and keep walking on it.

Along the way you will get distracted by opinions and doubts, keep believing and walking the path.

Rethinking Time: Boost Your Performance In The Short Term

Rethinking Time: Boost Your Performance In The Short Term

Forget about the 12 month year and instead focus on the 12 Week Year. Why? Because you can get more done in 12 weeks than in 12 months with the right mindset, goals, and strategy.

  • To execute successfully, it is important to have a strong emotional connection to the outcome.
  • ...

Break it down

Take each of your goals and break them out into a series of smaller goals that you can accomplish each month and week throughout the year. 

This way you know what you have to do, so you can schedule the appropriate chunks of time to do it.

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