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Confidence isn't the 'they will like me', confidence is 'i'll be fine if they don't.'



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🧠 Change your Mindset

🧠 Change your Mindset

Change your mindset on what an introvert is. Most people think that introverts are just shy people but it simply means that you recharge your energy being alone & that you're comfortable being alone

Confidence isn't I know they'll like me it's I'm okay if they don'...

Make It Clear You Want Help

... and be specific about what you want.

Don't use phrases like “Can you do me a favor? ", because they are manipulative - they force someone to commit before you tell them what it is you need. A simple “Can you help me with [specific thing]?” will do.

Help-rejecting complainers want to feel heard

Don't try to challenge their belief system. The best thing to do is to over-validate their position but without any trace of sarcasm. For example, "Your boss should be fired. It's terrible that there's absolutely nothing you can do to make things better."

Once th...

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