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Salami Slice Method

Example: A big project feels overwhelming.

Idea: Break it down into smaller, manageable slices.

Why?: Completing small parts makes the entire task less daunting.

Such as: Writing one paragraph of an essay at a time.


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Psychological tricks to start reading

  1. Implementation intention: this basically means setting an appointment to read.
  2. Chunking: It means to break down a big task (your book) into smaller, manageable parts.
  3. Temptation bundling: it happens when we associate a tasks ...

Here are some other tips for staying focused and motivated:

  • If you’re not feeling motivated, think about the results of your goals, not just the goals themselves. 
  • Remember your successes, even small successes. Remember how good it feels to succeed.
  • Get the important things done first. 
  • Stay focused, motivated and concentrate ...

Focus On Baby Steps

Focus On Baby Steps

For some goals, you need to sustain something for a long time, but most can be broken down into smaller, more approachable goals. 

Dividing goals makes the process seem less overwhelming and completing the parts of it gives you a sense of accomplishment you wouldn’t get...

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