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Respect Your Future Self

Example: You're tempted to skip studying for an exam.

Idea: Make choices that your future self will thank you for.

Why?: Thinking about long-term benefits motivates better decisions.

Such as: Studying now to avoid stress and cramming later.


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Long-Term Consequences

Thinking about the future can guide us to make choices that reflect our beliefs and objectives.

Benefits of Considering the Future:

  • Make informed and responsible decisions
  • Stay true to our values and goals
  • Avoid short-term gratification
  • Ha...

Self-Care Is Difficult

It is much easier for us to make decisions that feel good right now (“quick-fixes”) than it is to have the discipline to make decisions that may suck now but feel really great later.

Self-care can be really hard because it’s a long-term play. But your well-being is worth the trouble. 

Watch Yourself from the Future

When you find yourself in an emotionally charged situation or that your behavior is not helpful, such as procrastinating, imagine yourself in the future looking back and observing your current behavior.

This allows you to look at the current event and its consequences in a broader context....

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