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Idea: Identity change involves adopting the mindset and behaviors of your desired self.

Why? It makes achieving your goals more likely.

Such as: Viewing yourself as a disciplined athlete to stay motivated in fitness.


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Successful behavior change

One potential problem when changing behaviors is that we're too often motivated by negatives such as guilt, fear, or regret.

  • Research found that long-lasting change in behavior is most likely when it's self-motivated and rooted in positive thinking.
  • Studies have also...

Why your goals matter

We’re more likely to get something done when we take a moment to think about why it matters to us personally.

Intrinsic goals are motivated by values meaningful to you, such as growth and relationships. These are much more motivating than extrinsic goals—efforts motivated by money, s...

2. Mindset Determination & Perseverance:

2. Mindset Determination & Perseverance:

Embracing a positive mindset involves facing failures with determination and resilience, recognizing that setbacks are a natural part of life. How we interpret and react to failures makes all the difference. Rather than viewing failure as a waste of time, a positive mindset sees it as an opportun...

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