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Key Insights on Learning and Growth

Key Insights on Learning and Growth

The importance of genuine learning, which only happens when you apply new knowledge and change your behavior accordingly.

To achieve true success, you need to do one thing for a very long period, get help from others, and learn from mistakes quickly.


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The 7 LIEs about learning

The 7 LIEs about learning

7 LIEs (Limited Idea Entertained) of learning:

  1. Intelligence is fixed. Truth - Intelligence is fluid because it's a combination of attitudes and actions.
  2. Only 10% of bra...

Make learning simpler

Make learning simpler

Learning is sometimes difficult and takes a lot of time. It is because your techniques are not proper. I can reassure you that if you put enough effort into learning new ways, you will see results in a brief period and be sure that knowledge will stay in your head for a long. You will learn more ...

Fixed vs. Growth mindset

Fixed vs. Growth mindset

  • When success means being smart and failure being dumb, it stunts potential & possibilities in life. Growth mindset helps you love challenges, learn from mistakes, enjoy effort, seek new strategies, and keep learning....basically the main ingredients for

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