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2 — The Eisenhower Matrix Method

2 — The Eisenhower Matrix Method

To this day, The Eisenhower Matrix is one of the most efficient ways to prioritize your tasks. And once you know the highest priority, you can shape your time around it.

I created a bunch of specific content for the Eisenhower Matrix:

  • You will find an explanation in my article about mastering prioritization (where you can also download the free infographic ).
  • Or you can get the Notion Template by buying a premium subscription to The Challenge (here’s the link to the article).

Yet, here’s a brief explanation for those who don’t have time to catch up.


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1 – The Eisenhower Matrix Method

The Eisenhower matrix is a simple but powerful tool to prioritize useful and remove useless tasks. We already talked about it once on the Challenge, and you also have an infographic to use i...

The Eisenhower Matrix

The Eisenhower Matrix

The Eisenhower Matrix is a productivity, prioritization, and time-management framework designed to help you prioritize a list of tasks or agenda items by first categorizing those items according to their urgency and importance.

The decision matrx is a version of the Eisenhower Matrix, whic...

2. The Eisenhower Matrix / The Eisenhower box

2. The Eisenhower Matrix / The Eisenhower box

Once you have your goals written in a SMART way, you should break them down into concrete and actionable tasks. 

Then the tasks need to be prioritized.

This matrix recommends arranging tasks in one of the four quadrants:

  1. Urgent + Important (Do first)
  2. Not Urgent + Im...

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