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Are You Cultivating Knowledge or Consuming Information?

Expanding your Circle of Control

Reduce irrelevant information and spend more time exploring the topics relevant to you, by:

  • Improving job skills.
  • Experimenting with new interests.
  • Creating more work/art.
  • Getting intentional with your learning.

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Are You Cultivating Knowledge or Consuming Information?

Are You Cultivating Knowledge or Consuming Information?




Key Ideas

Quality output demands quality input

Among the catastrophic debates over how TV and the Internet are making us mindless robots, the real problem to keep in mind: we need to cultivate more than we consume.

Double sword technology

The idea of evaluating how we spend our time is a healthy one, but the discussion usually looks more like an apocalyptic prediction than actual useful advice.

What we tend to leave out is the fact that emerging technologies are a double-edged sword: the internet can both be a mindless distraction and the greatest educational tool of all times. It all revolves around the way you use it.

Excessive passivity

This is the habit of only consuming the information that is brought in front of you, rather than actively cultivating knowledge in areas that are valuable to you.

Addressing this problem can be done in a pragmatic way: consider it a habit audit, or an honest look at how you are spending your time.

Circle of Control vs. Circle of Concern

You should search only for helpful information that you can and will apply to your life far more often than you let random information interrupt you.

The Circle of Control is anything that relates directly to you, information that improves how you spend your time.

Evaluate how you spend your time

99% of the information you see won’t matter to you.

Understanding where your time is going is far more important and useful than demonizing TV, the Internet, or mainstream news.



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Fear In Fear Out

According to Darren Hardy, author of The Power Of Compounding, our consumption of content the whole day (fear-inducing and fear-based news) hypnotises us negatively and impacts our output. What is put in us is what goes out of us.

Do not rely on only mainstream organizations and try to get your news from individuals and multiple sources.

Action, Not Words

Doing the right thing, no matter how unpopular, shows your commitment towards what really matters.

Moreover, it is a human flaw to pay more attention to what people are saying, rather than what is being done. Action speaks louder than hollow words.

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Rigid Thinking

The speed of technological and cultural development is requiring us to embrace types of thinking besides the rational, logical style of analysis that tends to be emphasized in our society.

Elastic Thinking

It is the capacity to be flexible, to embrace ambiguity, contradiction, and unconventional mindsets.

It is the ability to abandon our 'marriage' to our beliefs and assumptions, opening ourselves to new paradigms.

Explore The New

Elastic thinking is the way to cutting edge innovation, future visions, science fiction gems, and other great new ideas.

Our tendency to explore and learn has always created something new in the world.

2 more ideas

3 Forces That Shape Character
  • The input we consume
  • The relationships we pursue
  • The habits we acquire

 If we want to develop our character, we need to give attention to ...

The input we consume

We must be attentive to the input we consume. It affects us in deep and profound ways.

Avoid watching endless hours of mindless television or uncritically ingesting the worst of popular culture erodes character. Try instead reading books, listening to podcasts and attending conferences.

The relationships we pursue

We have to be more intentional about the people we choose to associate with:

  • If you want to lose weight, hang out with people who make good diet and exercise choices.
  • If you want a better marriage, socialize with people who have healthy ones.
  • If you want to make more money, associate with people who are successful.

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