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Next Level Money, Next Level Life | Take Your Money To The Next Level

Next Level Money

Next Level Money

Our desire to achieve next-level money or to master, control and optimize it, can only be fulfilled by us, and it goes beyond just earning, saving and investing money.

Many of us try to find financial advice in blogs and books, hoping that the other person who has no clue who we are will somehow provide us with all the tools to get rich.


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Next Level Money, Next Level Life | Take Your Money To The Next Level

Next Level Money, Next Level Life | Take Your Money To The Next Level


Key Ideas

Automation Of Money

Automation of money will lead to a ‘coasting’ life, but it won’t get one to the next level. While we already know that the goal is to make money work for us, instead of slogging ourselves for earning it, it is not enough to simply save and let the money grow in banks.

One has to be aware of the pitfalls of wastage of money, be able to shun mindless consumerism, and embrace minimalism to move towards that level.

Pushing The Boundaries Of Security and Comfort

One cannot be complacent and run after security and comfort. Longing for a default, peaceful life of status quo will not put one on the track of next-level money.

One has to get to work, piercing the comfort zone bubble and the man-made boundaries that are around us.

Calculated Risks

Playing safe is easy, as we live in a fear-based world. This attitude prevents us from growing, taking any risk and to really live our lives. Taking strategic, calculated risks ups your odds to reach next-level money.

  • Plan ahead and strategize, weighing your options and evaluating the implications.
  • Do a SWOT (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis on the planned action.
  • Develop a set of principles and guidelines to help you make the right decisions.

Say No To Everything

To attain next level, you have to only do things that push you towards it, and say a blanket ‘no’ to almost everything else. You cannot ride your cart in three different directions at the same time.

Most people around us are after our attention, our time and our money. The never-ending obligations and the things we have to do keep us engaged all day.

The Pursuit Of Life

Next-Level Money is not about money, but the freedom, opportunities and the extra time you get to enjoy life. Next-Level Money buys you a Next-Level life.