Simulation Theory Of Empathy

It states that humans associate, anticipate and make sense of the other’s behaviour by activating certain mental processes, that when acted upon, produce similar behaviour.

This theory has useful implications in various mental health fields, as it can make people emulate desirable behaviour, training the brain to know and understand the other person based on their actions.



Self Improvement


Copying The People Around Us

Humans are able to reproduce the computations inside the brains of others.

Human beings are great at adapting the behaviours of others through observation. A new study shows that apart from learning through observing others behaviour, we also copy the minds of others as we grow older, learning how the people around us think and feel.

When the process of observational learning and copying of brain computations goes wrong, it leads to many various mental health issues.

Certain complications that can arise include the inability to empathize with the other person, or erosion of one’s own ‘self’ due to other person thoughts being dominant.

The brain activity contains information not only about what’s going on in the world (objective) but also about who is thinking about the world (subjective).

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Music benefits us

One study showed that people with Alzheimer's disease handle their stressful emotions better when they listen to music.

Other studies revealed that certain types of music may change our perception, and cheerful music can foster creativity.



The brain takes advantage of the large number of neurons (100 billion neurons) and the large number of connections each neuron makes. (100 trillion synapses)

Each neuron collects inputs from and sends output to many other neurons. At the same time, many neurons that work on the same information can pool their data to the same downstream neuron, thereby enhancing the precision of information processing.

Some people recommend wearing nice clothes to prime thoughts like success, wealth, and professionalism. 

Interestingly, wearing nice clothes also primes the thoughts of other people to respond to you in a certain way.

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