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The Subjective Sense Of Self

The brain activity contains information not only about what’s going on in the world (objective) but also about who is thinking about the world (subjective).


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Ethics is not subjective

Ethics is not subjective

Thinking that ethics is subjective creates bad arguments.

People use the word subjective - and objective - in ways that lead to confusion, misguided conclusions, and failed attempts to convince someone that ethics matters. Thinking carefully about distinctions and ...

The Subjective Interpretation Of Objective Time

There is no objective time without a subjective interpretation of it.

Deadlines are an example of a subjective interpretation of objective time. Many deadlines we perceive as “real” are anything but. Instead, deadlines are socially constructed dates to plan...

The Origins of Nihilism

  • Nihilism originated during 300 B.C.E. where certain discussions by the Buddha related to our actions having no meaning or consequences in this world.
  • The Greek statesman Demosthenes also contributed to its origins.
  • The modern understanding of nihilism is associated with Fried...

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