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Think Outside The Box

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Take care of yourself in the long run with these compounding activities:

  1. Learning how to make something of value to others.
  2. Learning a skill that makes you stand out of the crowd.
  3. Reading books about distinct topics that are relevant to your career and personal growth.
  4. Setting up a broad-based fund that invests some money from your income, to build your wealth.


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Your Side Hustle

Our daily grind makes us skip the ‘side-hustle’, our passion projects like writing a book, blogging, learning a new skill, starting an online business, painting or designing something.

If our actual work stresses us, a passion project will help absorb that pressure and make you happy, even...


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Move Your Body

  • Even though this may seem like common advice, it helps to have an active lifestyle, as it helps our body in immense, untold ways.
  • We can slow our bodies decline, the natural deterioration process, slow down memory loss, and improve our brain by regular exercise.
  • Exercise...


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Plan For the Future

Plan For the Future

Being proactive and thinking long-term while making decisions in the present is something that primes us for a better and deliberate future.

We start to consider the second-order consequences of our decisions, understanding that short-term thinking is too common, and long...


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Reading To Get Smarter

Reading makes our brain exercise, and all successful people share this habit.

Reading reduces stress and increases your emotional intelligence. The slice of life your brain is exposed to, whether you read for self-improvement or pleasure, will make you more focused at wor...


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