Things that should be taught in every school

Things that should be taught in every school
  1. Personal finance: credit cards, savings and retirement;
  2. Relationships: communication, consent, sexuality;
  3. Logic and Reasoning: Logical progressions; 
  4. Self-Awareness: thinking about thoughts and feelings;
  5. Skepticism: nothing is certain, there are no things completely reliable.
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Self Improvement


Uncertainty is what drives you to become curious and to learn

Pretty much anything good in life comes from uncertainty or a state of not knowing. It’s what keeps you humble. Pretty much anything bad in life comes from certainty: complacency, arrogance, prejudice.

Few things influence our lives as much as our relationships do

Learning how to exercise some conscious control of how you express your emotions and intimacy is possibly the most life-changing skill set you’ll ever come across.

Self awareness can be learned through practice

Anything that requires you to think about what you’re thinking, to have feelings about your feelings, is developing your ability to be self-awaremeditation, talk therapy, journaling etc.

We’re rarely taught in school how to actually think

Instead, we’re taught how to copy and memorize things — and then promptly forget them. This poorly suits us for sorting through the complexities of adult life

Financial illiteracy is a really big problem

If you have a society full of people buying crap they can’t afford, retiring with no savings, getting sick and not being able to afford health care, that screws all of us in a major way.

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It is the ability to manage our own emotions and react to the emotions of others.

People who exhibit emotional intelligence have the less obvious skills necessary to get ahead in life, such as managing conflict resolution, reading and responding to the needs of others, and keeping their own emotions from overflowing and disrupting their lives.

Emotional Intelligence: The Social Skills You Weren't Taught in School

Human beings may seem selfish and illogical during times of crisis, but there is evidence that disasters and crises bring out the best in us.

There are reports and sightings of people from different ethnic backgrounds and countries helping and motivating each other, providing much-needed support.

Communities all across the world are strengthening, with people volunteering to help in every aspect, spreading kindness, hope and charity.

Disasters and crises bring out the best in us

While trying to survive a pandemic, you should pay extra attention to your feelings. Having to stay isolated at home, for many weeks, can have an extremely harmful effect and lead to depression. And depression is nothing to be joked around with. 

If there is one thing you should be well aware of during this tough period is that, in times like this, the best is to remain realistic about what might happen to you, your beloved ones and to the world, in general. So you would better keep your eyes and ears wide open for the next couple of months.

Surviving the Looming Mental Health Crisis | Mark Manson

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