Focus And Clarity

  • One has to be clear on what really matters, and what will be the result in a week, month or quarter.
  • The 24 hours of the day have to be utilized keeping in mind the future.
  • Make a list of a few things that you want to accomplish during the day, and focus on those things only, clearing everything else from your day.
  • One can batch-execute replying to emails and notifications and only focus on about two to three high-impact tasks during the day.
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Time Management


Handling Unlimited Options

One has to constantly prioritize their tasks and ask basic questions that filter out any ‘fluff’ work, seemingly urgent tasks which are not important and help us accomplish what is truly important.

Asking oneself the best investment of the limited time towards accomplishing something, and what high-impact task to leverage the best use of the time is crucial. One has to constantly evaluate the meaningfulness of the assignments.

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When Other People Frustrate You

We want people to be less rude, to do certain things, to avoid doing certain things, and to change their lives, eventually feeling frustrated when we realize that we cannot control them and it is impossible to change anyone.

The core error we make all the time is that we want others to be in a certain way, which almost never happens. The other alternative which hardly anyone follows is to let others be whatever they want to be and be at peace even if they are annoying.



Self-reflection creates purpose.

So Brabu learned from each of them, and decided he wanted to make an actual difference, help people, make an impact on the world.

Through trial and error, talking to people, and sitting in contemplation … he decided he knew what impact he wanted to make on the world. Move this one particular mountain, to help millions of people who were suffering.

It takes practice to get good at anything

Feedback is essential when you learn a new skill. However, when people learn the skill of 'creating new habits,' they think making mistakes is a sign of being a failure and showing an utter lack of discipline.

In reality, this is not true. No one mastered anything on their first few attempts — it takes practice to get good at anything.

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