Successful people stick to their reading habit

Successful people stick to their reading habit

A random sampling of the world’s most successful people will show one common trait: a love of reading. Because reading is the easiest way to continue the learning process. 

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Reading with intention engages all of the parts of memory

It means that you have a specific goal at hand, you want to connect what you’re reading to other information and that it is something you’re invested in and will come back to again and again.

Most important step for long-term memorization: repetition
Without re-engaging with the material that you’ve read, you’ll not be able to remember and apply any of that knowledge. So you need to have a method for taking and organizing notes around key parts you want to revisit later on.
When you’re impressed by something, you'll remember it easier

This could mean a phrase or quote that catches you off guard or changes the way you think about a certain topic. Or an interesting fact that you’ll want to save for later on.

Our memory is made up of 3 components terms of reading retention:

  • Impression
  • Association
  • Repetition
Ryan Holiday

Whatever problem you’re struggling with is probably addressed in some book somewhere written by someone a lot smarter than you."

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It's knowing how to learn. Learning itself is a skill, and knowing how to do it well is an incredibly valuable advantage.

Merely acquiring information is not learning. People need the ability to make sense of complexity and to combine many bits of data into a broad picture of the world, especially in today's high-information world.



Reading Books Is Like Changing Your Past
  • Gaining knowledge isn’t the only reason we have to read books.
  • A good book read with curiosity and an open mind can change our life.
  • Reading books is like updating the software inside your brain, and a good book gives us new ways to interpret our past and present life.
  • It is also a good idea to quit reading books that serve no purpose, as the opportunity cost is high.
  • Life is short and should be spent reading the best books possible.
  • Read the good ones more than once.
Note-taking: a powerful tool for learning
  • Notes extend your memories: writing can be seen as an external enhancement of your brain, allowing you to think more complicated thoughts and solve harder problems.
  • Notes enhance your focus: The act of taking notes ensures your mind isn’t wandering and facilitates deeper understanding of what you're reading.

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