How solitude and isolation can affect your social skills

Socially Awkward

Social bonding is essential to almost all animals, with even rats who live alone being shunned by groups of rats.

Likewise, humans need face-to-face interactions. Teens spending time alone start to show signs that they are not socially competent, even though they would love to connect with others, even if the other person is a stranger.


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Finding contentment in solitude
Finding contentment in solitude

When Francis Bacon wrote, "whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast, or a god," he meant that people despise being alone.

It is impossible to avoid alone...

Learn to draw contentment from your time alone

Learning to enjoy solitude can give you an inner calm and independence that means you won't feel desperate to stay in any friendship or relationship that doesn't fulfil you.

Improving your inner world

Three main ways to build the foundation of your inner life is:

  • Build order: Build a routine centred around activities you care about, to turn isolation into enjoyable solitude. This can be done by creating habits for your exercise, personal projects, reading and learning new skills.
  • Create drive: If you find a passion or sense of meaning in your daily routine, isolation is easier to enjoy. The best way to create a drive is to set goals and plans of action to accomplish them. The goals need to be connected to something that interests you. Goals can't replace a social life, but they can help you through temporary isolation.
  • Find meaning: If you can create a purpose for your current isolation, it will help you move through any obstacle. It could even be to increase your independence or give you a better appreciation for your relationships.
Being a Loner can be good
  • Emerging research suggests there are upsides to being reclusive, all by ourselves, minding our own business – for both our work lives and our emotional well-being.
  • Prolonged solitude ...
Improved creativity
  • Being a loner boosts the creative space.
  • Creativity has two key elements: originality and usefulness. 
  • Personality traits commonly associated with creativity are openness (or receptiveness), self-efficacy (confidence), and autonomy (independence).
Types of Social Withdrawal

Social withdrawal is categorized into three types:

  1. Shyness caused by fear or anxiety
  2. Avoidance, caused by a dislike of socializing
  3. Unsociability, caused by a preference for being alone.
The antidote to loneliness
The antidote to loneliness

When people were forced into social isolation, a light was also shining on another crisis - loneliness.

The antidote to loneliness is accessible to all of us: friendship. The shared global ...


Science shows friendship is critical for our happiness, health, and longevity.

* In the 1970s and 1980s, some epidemiologists and sociologists showed that socially isolated individuals over age 66 had a 30 percent increased risk of early mortality.

* Studies reveal that social connection improves cardiovascular functioning, reduces susceptibility to inflammation and viral disease, sharpens cognition, reduces depression, lowers stress, and even slows biological aging.

Definition of friendship

Friendship requires at least three things: It should be long-lasting, positive, and cooperative. Friendship nearly always includes a willingness to help, especially in times of crisis.

In short, friendship is creating bonded groups that act as a buffer against life's stresses.