Emojis communicate a huge amount of information

  • Some companies use custom emojis to tag specific departments in the company's Slack forum. Other companies use their custom emojis to celebrate accomplishments.
  • But the icons aren't perfect. They can also cause miscommunications to team members and clients.
  • Nevertheless, the emoji's time has come. Business historians and linguists may pinpoint 2020 as the year the emoji became an integral part of everyday work.
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Neuroscientists found that the pictures hop over language processing steps to create an immediate effect in the amygdala, the part of the brain that controls emotions.

A 2016 study found that the little symbols activate both verbal and nonverbal parts of the brain, enriching communication in ways beyond letters and numbers.

The start of emojis

A Japanese artist created the first emoji back in 1999. Before that, emoticons used a standard text pictographically.

The smiley face got a major lift with smartphones, where the Unicode Consortium began adding thousands of new emojis to its catalogue.

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Slack makes it possible for tens of millions of employees to have online conversations, ask questions, share information, make decisions. The platform reproduces the culture of the open-plan office by combining smartphone text messaging with the ability to separate and chronicle streams of workplace communication.

In 2020, there was an increase in number of people working from home and universities canceled in-person classes. Monday, March 9, 2020, Slack’s worldwide connected users hit an all-time high.



The Emojis On Our Phones

..are one the most used keyboard features, with more than five billion of them used every day on social media.

The most popular one on Facebook and Twitter is the laughing yellow face with tears of joy, while Instagram has the heart emoji as the most used one.

Some of the earliest writing is from 3000B.C. Mesopotamia. They recorded entries on tablets about the quantities of goods in some kind of bookkeeping.

They wrote down in order to keep account of who delivered what when. But this system was still far away from expressing ideas and writing great works of literature.

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